Fear, uncertainty, doubt (FUD)

(EDIT: planet.maemo.org I apologize for the seemingly personal post but it has other connotations, honest).

It would be a little pompous of me to say, today we should all be living in a fearful community where as part of the employed masses, we should contemplate our job futures. But with the same token it would predominately be true. Every day it seems we are bombarded with news that company x, multi-conglomerate y, is venting a whole host of talent that are shell shocked at being relieved of their livelihood. A whole host of talent seemingly gone to short-term waste and although we are sympathetic, its a little ‘off the radar’.

Well, what if every unemployed person was given a FLOSS course and assigned a project to either document, use and report bugs on, or even contribute code to? Not only would it give the individual a valuable means of education, it would benefit free software users in general. We would see unprecedented levels of contribution. Unprecedented coverage. WOW, maybe I should run for local council here in the UK and push these issues 😉

So, why do I bring this up? Well, my current company, as are many companies, are trying to find their way in a down-turn market and inevitable that means cutbacks. So I’m free for business so to speak. There are many things to pursue but some things stand out more than others. LinuxUK as an entity is great, a growing business, contractual and predominately short-term contract based, and it will continue to be that way. But I don’t think it can sustain another full-time employee, namely me.

So what would be the dream job of a 30 year old senior software engineer with 10 years commercial experience and a pretty good track record in the open source environment? Well, one just has too look at the like of InDT (WOW!), Nokia’s Maemo initiative, Openismus and CodeThink to see some very cool companies. Companies that are pushing the boat out. Companies that any FOSS developer would be proud of being a part of. So, I guess, as an out of work FOSS fanatic, there are possibilities.

So what does the future hold? I guarantee its immensely cool and productive, but lets wait and see!

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