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rsstorrent version 0.3

I’ve released version 0.3 of rsstorrent after some good user feedback.

After looking into the problem with content-disposition responses from some tracker sites it became clear that the actual files that were being downloaded were .torrent files, just without the .torrent extension. One dependency removed (wget) and a quick bit of python code and now rsstorrent appends the extension to these files enabling your torrent client to use them.

Go get the files from or directly from the git repository at


Entertainer 0.4 released

Version 0.4 of Entertainer has just been released. There are an amazing 50 bugs that have been fixed since 0.3 showing that the team is firmly committed to ironing out those teething bugs that creep into any new project.

Some of the highlights include:

  1. Full screen support.
  2. Improved translation support (7 languages with partial support for many others).
  3. And don’t forget the many many fixes!

See the release announcement here.

Plans for the future include full clientserver support, mouse (and future finger) support, kinetic scrolling and many more.

Hop on over to the Entertainer mailing list, join us at (#entertainer) or checkout the page for more information.