rsstorrent version 0.2

Some rss feeds contain url’s that use something called content-disposition. From the HTTP/1.1 spec:

"The Content-Disposition response-header field has been proposed as a means for the origin server to suggest a default filename if the user requests that the content is saved to a file. This usage is derived from the definition of Content-Disposition in RFC 1806 [35].

content-disposition = "Content-Disposition" ":"
disposition-type *( ";" disposition-parm )
disposition-type = "attachment" | disp-extension-token
disposition-parm = filename-parm | disp-extension-parm
filename-parm = "filename" "=" quoted-string
disp-extension-token = token
disp-extension-parm = token "=" ( token | quoted-string )"

All this means is that when you request a file from a site that uses content-disposition, you probably won’t get the filename that you expected. This used to trip up rsstorrent, until now. As a quick fix, I have enabled wget support which is used when rsstorrent comes across content-disposition in the header field of any torrent address. This may not be the best solution but it does work. I’m looking for a better solution but wget is a pretty ubiquitous application and fits in with the lightweightness of rsstorrent. It does mean that rsstorrent now depends on wget and while I was at it, I upgraded pythons urllib module to urllib2 as urllib is being depreciated.

Go download the latest version from code.google.com or get the git repository from github.com.


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