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Fremantle pre-alpha 2 SDK released

The second version of the Fremantle alpha SDK has just been released, see the announcement and go get it now.


Viglen MPC Notes

Upgrading from the stock Ubuntu

As the MPC uses a depreciated Ubuntu release, you have to use the “old-releases” repository.


Useful links


Qt goes LGPL

So Nokia today have announced that they are to add the LGPL license to Qt. What does this mean for Qt and specifically Maemo? Well …

Open source code repositories

Qt will now be available in a publicly-accessible Git repository, meaning changes can easily be tracked and patches can be created more readily. For the first time developers can see exactly the direction Qt is taking and for any developer investing time and often money in their software and toolkit of choice, this is a big plus.

More commercial software

The switch to the LGPL means proprietary software can be created with the Qt toolkit. The commercial licensing that Qt previously had (you can distribute your software for free under the GPL but closed source projects require a license fee) meant that Qt hasn’t become as widespread as maybe it should of. I know of several projects that chose to use the less restrictive licensing of the GTK toolkit for this very reason. Lets hope the new license encourages more software, free or otherwise.

Often open source developers frown upon closed source projects but lets not forget the model that the iphone has. It has free and commercial software side by side. Often the commercial software is of a nominal fee, 99 cents or 59 pence here in the UK and I for one would gladly pay small amounts of money to see good software on my Maemo device.

Cross platform software

Qt is truly cross-platform, running on Windows, Mac, Linux and even Symbian. Developers that would usually target one platform can now use a toolkit that, with a tweak or two, can happily run on many. This can only open the flood gates for a slew new applications on the Maemo platform. Maybe this new software wasn’t originally targeted for Maemo, but when companies and individuals realize that they can offer their software to Maemo users with very little effort on their part, maybe we will see things that otherwise would never of worked on our tablets materialize.

A Standard

Qt can now become a standard. There really is no excuse not to consider Qt when developing cross platform software. From the companies that need to make money with their software products to the individuals who do it for fun and everyone in between, all can use the same powerful, cross-platform toolkit.

Today, Nokia could of just changed the playing field for developers.



According to the BathCamp blog, monthly meets are scheduled to start up from February (the 4th to be precise). A summary of what is planned can be found on the BathCamp site.

I’m particularly looking forward to the Arduino talk at the beginning of March by Ben Tomlinson, Creative Director of London agency Ico Design.

For those people that do not know what BathCamp is, check out the introduction from the BathCamp website.


Current Cost

Below you will find the electricity consumption of my house, a typical 3 bedroomed semi in Bath, Somerset.

Last 10 minutes

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Last 12 hours

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Lauchpad Goes Open Source

Mark Shuttleworth’s pledge to release the popular hosting service software launchpad as open source has finally got a firm date, 21/07/09, just scraping in on the ‘one year from now’ statement..

Well done Canonical.


Entertainer 0.3 Release Available

Yesterday, the Entertainer developers released version 0.3 of the excellent media center application, Entertainer.

This version fixes one of the most important bugs (for me anyway); it will now only index all content once rather than at every start up. Of course new content is indexed and added to the database but old content is not re-added. This may seem like a no brainer but since the start of the project Entertainer always re indexed everything, which, if you have a large amount of content, became somewhat annoying.

Other fixes include performance enhancements, memory reduction and language translations.

This version marks the start of the 4 weekly release cycle. From now on you should see a new release of Entertainer regularly with bug fixes and features being added at a rapid pace.

There is still a lot to do and the team could always do with more contributors but momentum is building.

A recent post to the Entertainer-Developers mailing list by Karl Lattimer highlights features that many would like to see added to Entertainer in the future, lets hope we see some of them soon. In the meantime, download 0.3 and get testing!

If your running an Ubuntu 8.10 install then you can just add the Entertainer PPA to your /etc/apt/sources.list. Edit the file using sudo and your favorite editor and add the following two lines to the bottom of the file:

deb intrepid main
deb-src intrepid main

and do a

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install entertainer - 0.3-1ubuntu2~ppa1


sudo apt-cache search entertainer

to see all entertainer packages.