New Years Resolutions

So, it seems that everyone is making their new years resolutions around about now, I guess its my turn. In no particular order.

  • Get back into serious weight training, at least to the level I was before my shoulder injury two years ago (Type III Separated shoulder from a bad rugby tackle).
  • Implement more parts of GTD.
  • Completely use productivity tools for my professional work in the form of bug trackers for bugs and feature requests, daily logging of activity and more SCRUM principals.
  • Organize the crap tonne (technical term) of digital data I have accumulated over the years (around 3 TB of music, movies, photos, scans)
  • Run at least 500km over the year.
  • De-Clutter both my personal space (too many possessions) and my life (too many projects) .
  • Read at least 8, reasonable sized technical books over the year.
  • Attend at least 2 conferences that I would not of considered before.
  • Contribute more to open source than ever before.
  • Wow, that was a long list and I still have more that I would like to do. I will commit to the above list and aim towards the many other things I would like to do.

    Lets hope 2009 is a great year for me, and of course all of you too!


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