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Linux comes to the iPhone

So, Linux is now running on the iPhone and I presume the ipod touch. Maybe its time to buy some hardware and dump the software ala the original xbox?

iPhone Linux Demonstration Video from planetbeing on Vimeo.


Android Ported to the Beagle Board

It was only a matter of time. Rupesh Gujare today announced that he has successfully booted Google’s Android operating system on the highly hackable Beagle Board.

A video of the boot process can be found below.

His announcement is reproduced in full below with the full thread accessible here.

Hi All,

We have successfully ported (custom) open source Android to beagle
board. This is very initial version. We have tested it on MMC card
and on NFS.
Please find below link for uImage and root filesystem.

You can watch Beagle board booting Android here:-

I will get back with more details and update very soon.
Enjoy Androing…


Rupesh Gujare


Ubuntu comes to Maemo

So, its kind of official, Ubuntu is coming to Maemo.

Today, Canonical announced that they are to officially create a ARMv7 version of their most popular software product, Ubuntu Linux, but what does that mean?

There has been a lot of talk lately about a merge of technologies in the Maemo and Ubuntu camps with the ‘unofficial’ word being that a somewhat arranged, but welcome marriage between the two has been coming for some time. The move today from Canonical signals a clear intention that Canonical, with “demand from device manufacturers” (hello Nokia), are targeting the very popular net book and tablet markets.

The press release is full of thinly veiled statements that hint at the fact that Canonical have had more than a few exchanges with the big boys in the mobile space.

“This is a natural development for Ubuntu, driven by the demand from manufacturers for an ARM technology-based version,” said Jane Silber, COO of Canonical.

Canonical are clearly in collaboration with major manufacturers.

The time frame given for the ARM based Ubuntu release also fits in exactly with Nokia’s Maemo 5 plan’s. The alpha version of Nokia’s new Maemo platform SDK (Software Developer Kit) is due this month, followed by a beta release March/April next year. This will mean a summer release at the earliest for Nokia’s flagship Linux device and the statement today firmly aims the Ubuntu release at April 2009, coincidence?

With Nokia’s admission that they are making steps to work more upstream, collaborate rather than invent, the writing seems to be on the wall. But is that a such a bad thing?

Nokia will benefit from the huge support that the most popular Linux distribution has gathered over the last few years and having the backing of a major commercial Linux entity such as Canonical can only propel Maemo far more into the mainstream than anything Nokia could do.

“The combination of a commercially supported, optimized Ubuntu distribution for ARM, together with Canonical’s ability to tailor solutions to specific ARM technology-based devices and OEM requirements, ensures that highly-optimized systems can be rapidly deployed into the fast growing mobile computing market”.