Entertainer 0.2 Release Candidate Available

Its been nearly 4 months since the last release of Entertainer but now version 0.2 RC (Release Candidate) has been made available. This release has many bug fixes, some minor enhancements (slide show feature, video playback eye candy among others) and some code clean-up but the real story is how Entertainer is progressing.

This release indicates the Entertainer projects approach to early development. Instead of rushing off adding feature after feature at the expense of code cleanness and correctness, Entertainer is building up slowly on a solid base. It is progressing with a test driven development approach which is ensuring that as Entertainer grows, the code quality doesn’t diminish.

So whats planned for version 0.3? Well some things the developers have talked about are a more agile development approach, more code clean-up, bug fixes, complete Clutter 0.8 support, a new backend indexer, and we may even see an appearance of the plug-in architecture, but that one is more likely to be postponed until 0.4.

As 0.3 is being worked on by the team, my personal goal is to get the interface as finger friendly as possible for the Maemo supported released. The infrastructure isn’t really there yet to allow the touch interface but with some work it will come.

With the Maemo 5 Alpha SDK slated to be released November time, and the Beta some time early next year, now is the perfect time to get this excellent Desktop media center application tablet friendly.

So what are you waiting for, go get the software from launchpad or wait a little while for the PPA archived version which will be made available soon.


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