The Maemo Summit is upon us

So, in little over a week I will be travelling to Berlin to attend the OSiM conference and then the first ever Maemo summit. In true community fashion, I decided that rather than be a bystander to these events, I my as well help out as much as I can.

At OSiM I will be trying to coordinate the community presence on the Nokia booth. We still need volunteers to help answer questions from the public and showcase the many cool apps that we have available to us as tablet users. If your attending OSiM and would like to help, please edit the wiki page with details of when your available. Hopefully we can capitalise on all the excitement building due to Ari Jaaksi talk on the future of the Maemo platform and the Nokia dev session.

This years Mameo summit will be held at c-base in Berlin. I will be charged with video recording as much of the event as possible and distributing it afterwards. The plan is to make available audio recordings of most, if not all talks. In addition to this there will be video recordings of the main talks along with interviews and ‘behind the scenes’ footage.

I will be meeting with the c-base guys on the Tuesday night before the event to view a music concert they’re hosting and have a chat about how the event will best be recorded. Over the two days I will be using a Panasonic HDC-SD5 high definition camcorder to capture as much as possible and Tim Samoff with be snapping away with his trusty Canon 5d.

All in all there should be good coverage of the two days (and nights) so for those people who can’t make the event, you can at least experience it in digital form.


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