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LugRadio Live

So I’m back from LugRadio Live and it was a blast. There were some really great moments and the event turned out to be very professional.

A few random afterthoughts include:

  • The ‘Gong-a-Thong’ was pure comedy.
  • Jeremy Allison’s take on the history of samba was interesting.
  • John Carr’s conduit presentation went spectacularly wrong but ended up worthwhile in the end.
  • Free t-shirts are always welcome.

    and of course the last ever (but not really) episode of LugRadio was immensely entertaining. It will be interesting to see if next years live event is as good without the regular recordings.

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    ‘Roll-Away’ keyboard

    A few times now on the N800 I have found myself wanting to do something more than finger type with the on screen keyboard (OSK). Usually I can type quite fast with it but when you are doing complicated character, symbol and number input it can be a royal pain in the (you can guess the rest). So my solution?

    I went and ordered a ‘roll away’ keyboard from (direct link here). It’s a £4.99 lightweight and ultra-slim silicone keyboard which looked great for my travelling needs.

    The nexos keyboard looks great but practically, in use, it’s pretty dire. I find myself hammering the keys because if you don’t, it doesn’t register the presses. It’s slow to type on and I’m pretty sure that my words per minute is better with the OSK than with the nexos. Shame really as I though this could be the answer to a more useful tablet for me.

    To balance the argument, my logitech hard (as in not silicone) usb keyboard works a treat although its a little less portable.


    Maemo Summit registration is now OPEN!

    So the Maemo Summit registration is now open. Registration is free and if you can make it to Berlin on September 19th and 20th then it will most definitely be the place to be.

    Quim Gil’s post covers it all but one of the less covered aspects is that of promotion. This event is the first one the Maemo community has seen. Traditionally these events start small and grow but this summit has the potential to be an important part of the mobile and open source space that it deserves to be big from the start.

    So, blog, link, talk about the event and hopefully we can get a turn out to rival OSim’s (A little event held the preceeding couple of days ;))

    See you there!?


    Linux Boot Camp – Day 2

    Day two is now over.

    Much the same as yesterday, hands on sessions a little two ‘noddyish’ for me but the talks were fantastic.

    My favourite from today was given by a representative of a local company.

    The said company deal with manufactures who have a great product in mind, some hardware but maybe Linux doesn’t run on it yet. They are responsible for porting the Linux kernel (or uclinux) and related tools such as busybox, uboot, gcc e.t.c to the new platform whilst still keeping their sanity.

    In this talk a real world example was given on how the company dealt with a current customer. This customer wanted Linux on a new chip produced by National Semiconductor for their VOIP solution.

    Fascinating stuff including problems they had with gcc, architectural mistakes they made (not allocating enough stack space, memory corruption e.t.c) and honest and frank details on the whole process. All was articulated well with a lot of enthusiasm.

    Tomorrow entails a wrap-up session and another talk, this time on networking in weird and wonderful (and sometimes crazy) situations. Looking forward to it.