mCurrency – A currency converter for Maemo

I tend to do a lot of travelling abroad and the internet tablet always comes with me. I’ve been looking for a currency conversion application for Maemo for a little while now and the only offering seemed to be an repackage of gcur with slight tiding up to fit the smaller screen. The original repackager seems to have abandoned it so, spurred on by a request from users at the Internet Tablet Talk forums I decided to implement a conversion application of my own. I present to you … mCurrency.

<img src="http://www.linuxuk.org/images/mCurrency-main.png&quot;
mCurrency running under Ubuntu *not* Maemo

Currently it’s fully functional, running under Ubuntu. It downloads currency exchange rates from the internet and allows conversions to and from 58 currencies. The next step is to package it up for Maemo and release it into the wild as a 0.1 release. I have more plans for it but it will be nice to let other people have a go at breaking it.

As you may of guessed, this is not a ground breaking application. It’s a simple implementation of a solution to a small but common problem. It was written in a couple of hours, 50% of that time was trying to figure out why I couldn’t append text to a combobox generated by glade (for those interested you need to add a dummy line to the box in glade before you can append dynamically) and the other 50% was brushing up on my GTK skills.

In the next couple of days I’ll add it to garage.maemo.org, until you will have to settle for the screenshots.

mCurrency about box


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