Linux and AVCHD files

A new camcorder came my way today in the form of a Panasonic HDC-SD5. Its a great high definition (1920x1080i resolution) 3CCD camcorder that takes superb shots but like most other high-definition camcorders, it records to the AVCHD file format. For those that don’t know, AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) is a high-definition recording format used on the new generation of camcorders.

There doesn’t seem to be much support for this format yet. Mplayer came the closest. It tries but fails to play the file instead showing the image but badly corrupted. The only solution seems to be transcoding the video into some other format which isn’t ideal.

There’s a great tutorial on how to do this over on fsckin which you should definitely check out if you have one of these swanky type camcorders. The install script included didn’t work for me under Ubuntu Hardy so I had to do it by hand (just look at what the Makefile does) but transcoding is now possible.

Lets hope the mainstream Linux video players and editors begin to support this format soon, that way transcoding won’t be needed.


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