Entertainer weather rewrite

I finally had a couple of spare hours to devote to the entertainer project over the past couple of days and things have begun to move forward. One of the features/bugs that was assigned to me was to investigate why the weather code failed the unit tests and also look at how the gui element could be implemented. Well, I managed to do both.

Previously entertainer had an initial implementation of a weather forecast module but somewhere along the line it broke. Yahoo’s weather api service was used to get data but after some investigations I found that only the current weather could be retrieved. Looking around at alternatives I settled on google’s weather api. There is scarce documentation on how to use this but its not too difficult.

The result is that the weather code has a Pylint score of 10.00 out of 10.00 and also has unit test code it passes. I knocked together a proof of concept frontend just to show the retrieved data which can be seen above. After the 0.1 release of entertainer we can concentrate on implementing a nicer looking solution but for now, its better than a blank screen.


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