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The Entertainer Project

A pretty exciting project that I’ve been looking at lately is Entertainer. From the website:

“Entertainer aims to be a simple and easy-to-use media center solution for Gnome and XFce desktop environments. Entertainer is written completely in Python using object-oriented programming paradigm. It uses GStreamer multimedia framework for multimedia playback. User Interface is implemented with Clutter UI-library, which allows sleek OpenGL animated user interfaces. Entertainer also uses other great projects like SQLite, pyIMDBb and iNotify.”

I found it so exciting, I went and joined the development team. I look forward to helping out in the next sprint.



I’ve finally decided to build a LinuxMCE system at home. I’ve been admiring LinuxMCE from a far for some time now but with a plethora of hardware just sitting around at home and a desire to have all my media available anywhere in the house its time to do it for real.

Just to wet your appetite.

I’ll be documenting my experience setting it all up as it’s notoriously quite hard to do. Let’s hope its not too hard.


Half-Life 2 on Linux?

Are we going to see Half-Life 2 run natively on Linux? Well a quick peruse of valve software’s (the makers of Half-Life 2) jobs page uncovers this nugget:


Manage the operation of large clusters of machines running both Windows and Linux in a highly available system.
Utilize knowledge of networking technologies and their appropriate use in large scale digital distribution systems and gaming platforms.
Port Windows-based games to the Linux platform.

Mmm, sounds interesting.

See the full description here:


VPN access with Ubuntu Linux

We have VPN (Virtual Private Network) access at work which I use often when I need to get at files whist I’m at home or abroad. To use VPN under Ubuntu Linux is simple; all you need to do is install pptp support for network manager to enable VPN support. Run the following command in an xterm:

sudo apt-get install network-manager-pptp
sudo killall nm-applet
sudo /etc/init.d/dbus restart
nm-applet –sm-disable &

Left click on the network manager applet on the top right of your desktop and select VPN Connections->Configure VPN. From here configure your VPN details as normal. To connect to your newly setup VPN left click on the network manager applet again and select VPN Connections->your_vpn_connection.



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