Podcasting the Right Way

I’m still looking for the holy grail of podcasting; software that will fetch my daily audio podcasts and put them in a sync directory. On top of this I want it to be able to download video podcasts and automatically convert them to the correct format ready to be synced with the Nokia N800. And to make matters worse, I want the N800 to ‘wake up’ at a predetermined time and sync with this said directory!

Is this too much to ask?

The first part of the equation is fulfilled with gpodder. A cron job to fetch all my feeds is set up for 4am with a:

gpodder –run

From here I’m unsure. Maybe tablet-encode could be run via a cron job but I’m not sure it would work with the file and directory structure that gpodder creates and how would it distinguish between audio only and video podcasts? The other problem is Canola, my player of choice. How do we inform Canola that new material is available to listen to/view? The video part should be trivial but how does the podcast section update itself to show newly available shows?

Lots of questions and we are far from the answers at the moment.

To give you a little background, I commute to work 3 hours a day; audio podcasts are essential! (I’m driving so audio only!). I also spend some time in gym where the mundane treadmill session can be made a little more interesting with something like the Totally Rad Show video podcast (vidcast?). These things are as essential as email to me. I can grab my email on the tablet before I leave in the morning, why not my daily entertainment?

Rest assured, I’m on the case! I WILL find a way of doing this, even if I have to program it myself. There, I said it, shame me if it never happens!


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