http://www.webtablet.org the new UMPC portal

So In response to all the interest I am getting about Internet tablets and UMPC’s in general I scooped up the http://www.webtablet.org domain name. At the moment it just points right back to my blog but I hope in the very near future to be taking my observations on this potentially immense market further afield and reviewing other mobile devices.

Why? Well, my work position lends itself to a very inviting and appropriate prospect. Not only do I get to travel the world with my current employer, I’m also a senior software developer. What this all means is that I get to test out devices in a multitude of weird and wonderful countries and also that I can fix and develop for the device itself. For example the Nokia 770 gets to travel to the Netherlands next week closely followed by a trip to India a week after. I have a long background in Linux (1995-present) and also Windows (http://www.webtablet.org will be a news and user portal for all things Internet tablet and UMPC. If you are a company or have ties to a company who produce (or would like to produce) Internet tablets or UMPC devices (the two terms will merge sooner or later mark my words!) then I am available to give you my unique insight on to how your device performs in the real world and maybe contribute to the development itself.

Naming no names to start off with (Nokia N800, Samsung Q1 e.t.c) if you want to see an honest, thorough and constructive insight, and hey, I even give review units back!, then get in touch. Or if you want, as a user, to lend me a device for a week I will pay postage each way and give you credit online. Unless you live in Outer Mongolia or somewhere similar and the postage is roughly about the same as buying the device itself.

The Internet Tablet and UMPC market is about to explode. Lets hope, as a community, somewhere like http://www.webtablet.org can voice our opinions, good or bad.


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