Will the Nokia N800 With WiMax Support Change the Mobile Phone Landscape?

Theres an interesting article over at Linux Devices detailing the announcement that Nokia is to work with Sprint, the US phone carrier, to produce a N800 with WiMax support. What this means is that the WiMax enabled N800 will be one of the first carrier promoted Internet Tablets (if not the first) to have a data connection usually reserved for mobile phones. The roll-out date? Sometime in 2008.

While this is a good thing for Nokia and Internet tablets in general, it does highlight something maybe a little more disturbing. Does this announcement mean that the N800 is Nokia’s main focus for the Internet Tablet and that we won’t see any other (improved) device during 2008? Or just that Nokia will be expanding its range to include the WiMax N800 alongside other new developments? I sure hope its the latter.

But one thing is for sure, I really like Nokia’s decision to explore new and somewhat “landscape changing” avenues. Lets not forget that a WiMax (or HSDPA for us in the UK) enabled internet tablet could remove the need for a phone at all. If everyone were carrying these devices, VOIP would rule and the revenue that carriers get would not be based on any current model in existence today.

If we can’t have ubiquitous wifi everywhere, especially in the short term, maybe this is the answer to a VOIP enabled world?


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