Like Google Reader? Love Reader Mini!

So, like me you’ve just bought your shiny new Nokia 770 and thought ‘ooh that built in rss reader is cr@p but I love Google Reader so it’s not a problem’ Wrong!.

Google Reader is my main source of news these days, basically the digital newspaper that only contains articles that I am interested in. To my dismay, after buying the 770 I was disappointed to find that Google Reader doesn’t work with the version of Opera that is installed but here comes readermini to the rescue. A description from the home page sums it up nicely,

“Reader Mini is a light-weight alternative to Google Reader. Reader Mini uses the Google Reader API to access your feeds. It is a compromise so mewhere between the power of the main interface and the too-limited mobile version.”

Google Reader: Mobile View

If we can’t make Google re-write Reader for the 770 then I suppose this is the next best thing.

Google Reader: Reader Mini View

Find it at https://readermini.com/


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