It Finally Arrived

After waiting a whole two weeks for my order to arrive, which apparently came from the states, my Nokia 770 arrived in the post yesterday morning.

As I was working at the time I didn’t have time to play with it during the day but once home, I quickly paired it up with my wifi router and started surfing the net.

I must say that initial impressions of this device are very favorable. It looks good and the general size of the device is nice although I would sacrific that a little for an inch or so more of screen space but, at this price I can’t complain.

One thing I can complain about though is the terrible decision to go with the Opera browser. Why oh why did Nokia go with Opera and not choose a Gecko based browser, specifically firefox or some derrivative instead. The Opera browser that is bundled with the 2006 OS edition of the Nokia 770 doesn’t support one of my fundamental requirements for any internet device, that I can browse my online mail and calendar data, which in my case is google mail and google calendar. As both sites are heavly Ajax’ed they don’t seem to work correctly.

One answer to this, which Salvatore Carini pointed out to me on Pownce (see Pownce comment), was to install minimo. I had heard of minimo and figured this was the way forward for my google loving needs but I failed to install it last night after much fiddling. Salvatore came to the rescue and I now have a device that I envisaged when I bought it, a mobile internet tablet that lets me get at the information that I want the most. A device that can sit on my kitchen worktop, always connected to the internet, which everyone in the family can pick up and use, that everyone can add and check calendar data to, and that everyone can get their emails on. Ah, happy days ahead I think.

I will be keeping a log of my experience with the 770 as I get more familiar with it and hopefully soon, I’ll be developing and porting apps to it, because, well, thats what I do.


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