Remote Calendar Sync

Before I start this, I must confess, I’m a bit of a google’holic.

So all my calendar information is currently held in Outlook. I know, not very open source but part of my growing gadget collection is a Windows Mobile based Vario 2 smartphone. I have a love/hate relationship with this phone. On the one hand its a great device, does everything I want and looks pretty good too, on the other hand its buggy due to windows and tends to lock you into the windows suite of programs.

But, In preporation of the arrive of my Nokia 770 I’ve been exporting all my calendar items into google calendar (GCal). I’ve been looking at many options to do this but finally settled on RemoteCalendars. This little GPL tool allows my pocket pc device to sync with GCal by first syncing with Outlook then my Vario. This means I can add appointments on the Vario, the web or the 770 and have it all sync together, pretty clever. It also means I can sync my calendar (whether it be the Vario’s, Nokia’s, or my Outlook one) with my wifes meaning that I don’t forget to pick up the kids or something. Its still in its infancy but I would really recommend using RemoteCalendars if you need to use a Outlook based calendar with some other iCal based calendar like googles.

I’m still looking for some way of syncing google’s task and notepad applications with the Vario and the 770 but until then, I”m still pretty happy.

Another great thing google has done is bring Picasa to the mobile device. Now you can go to http://picasaweb.google.com/m and view your Picasa photo’s on any web enabled device.


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